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Last updated: April 2024 Sorry, too much work to update more frequently 🙃

Last updated: April 2024 Sorry, too much work to update more frequently 🙃

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Who Are We

We are Ukrainian software development company, specializing in Mobile apps and Web development. 4K-SOFT was created out of a desire to offer the market quality solutions for tracing their unique business challenges using information technology. At the same time, we wish to create an environment that would allow us to maintain our personal values based on reliability, efficient organization, quality and cooperation, in our professional life as well. And today we still stand behind this.

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Andrew F.

Project Management

Andrew B.

Project Management


Founded in 1993 as an IT company, 4K-Soft now offers custom software development services and much more. We develop, maintain, and scale corporate banking and docflow management systems. Our IT products and solutions, designed for the CIS market, benefit hundreds of users daily. Learn more about our enterprise software solutions below.

  • 4K-Bank

    Our 4K-Bank system is the only bank management solution in Ukraine operating in real-time.

    As for information storage and processing capability, our corporate banking solution is fundamentally different from existing software products in the Ukrainian market. 4K-Bank can run 24/7, 365 days a year, without pausing for start and end of day procedures or technical stops such as data archiving.

    The core functional components of the 4K-Bank system include the following modules: Main, Report, Informational, Deposit, Cashdesk, TSB, Client-bank (offline, online, and mobile), Analysis & management, Administrative, among other modules.

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  • 4K-Documentturn

    4K-Documentturn is an electronic, automated document management system that allows large enterprises to effectively manage and share all documents internally and with external users.

    With 4K-Documentturn, companies can set up business processes, create user accounts, manage the flow of documents between different channels, track and control execution terms for tasks and much more.

    4K-Documentturn increases productivity, saving time and money by accelerating decision-making, task completion, and bringing transparency to corporate procedures, allowing all employees and upper management to focus on results—not processes.

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Not sure about your expertise? We have IT courses for beginners. Talented students are always welcome! Our experienced IT mentors can help you develop your skills, and the best students will receive internship offers and junior developer positions.

Oleksandr Konoplitskyi

Oleksandr Konoplitskyi

CEO 4k-Soft

We never hire dishonest or ill-mannered applicants, no matter how technically experienced they are. We care deeply about ensuring a stress-free working environment for all our employees.

Today, a significant part of our lives is spent at work. That's why feeling passionate about what we do and working with people we like is incredibly important. At 4K-Soft, we aim to create an easygoing, second home-like atmosphere in our offices. We are proud to see that many of our team enjoy spending time in the office after working hours, solving complex IT tasks together, playing games, and having fun.

As a business, we prefer steady, stable growth over aggressive success that always goes hand in hand with destructive hiring and firing practices. For this reason, we never hire anyone who frequently jumps from company to company for faster financial reward.

The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it

John Ruskin

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