Almost 40% of the U.S population is already using artificial intelligence tools

Almost 40% of the U.S population is already using artificial intelligence tools

April 21, 2023

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming a regular part of human daily life, shaping the way Americans work, play and receive essential services from food deliveries to financial services to health care. The growing statistics could be caused by the U.S.'s advantage in implementing AI first, making more than half of top-tier AI researchers have their base in the United States. Giant tech companies, like IBM and Microsоft, are among the largest AI and machine learning (ML) patent owners based in the United States, while many startups are sponsored by the U.S. government and private companies.

A survey carried out in the United States recorded that 27% of its population interacts with AI several times a day, while 28% interacts with it once a day or several times a week. The survey listed six fields where AI is playing a big role and highlighted the awareness level in the United States population. The avenues and percentage of the U.S. population are:

1. 68% know about wearable fitness trackers that analyse exercise and sleeping patterns
2. 65% are aware of a chatbot that immediately answers customer questions
3. 64% know that AI is used for product recommendation based on previous purchase
4. 62% have knowledge of security cameras that sends an alert when there is an unrecognised person at the door
5. 57% know about music playlist recommendation
6. 51% know that AI is playing a big role in email services and categorising an email as spam.

Among all these fields listed above, the report reveals that:

1. 30% of the U.S population employs the service of AI in the whole six fields surveyed
2. 38% employ AI services in 3 to 5 of the fields surveyed
3. 31% have lower than 2 or fewer services done by AI.

The report also stated that educational level plays a vital role in why some percentage of the U.S. population is less interacting with AI but shows optimism that the margin will decrease with proper sensitisation.

The age of each individual affected the rate of AI engagement. Most people aged 18 to 29, with higher education, and are making use of AI tools ranked 46% in the survey, while the remaining is shared among other age differences.