Artificial Intelligence Will Voice Over Movies in the Future

Artificial Intelligence Will Voice Over Movies in the Future

October 26, 2021

In the near future, TV programs, series, and films will be voiced not by live actors but by artificial intelligence. Even now, the neural network is capable of creating fairly realistic copies of a person’s voice, and soon this technology will be used everywhere in film. Companies will even be able to receive audio files consisting of multiple voice recordings in different languages.

Similar technology has already been tested. For instance, the 2019 film “Every Time I Die” has been dubbed and translated into different languages thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Also, in the Disney series, “The Mandalorian,” the voice of young Luke Skywalker, originally acted by the now 70-year-old Mark Hamill, was completely synthesized using an application called Respeecher (an audio recording created by a neural network). Most viewers were unaware that the voice-over was an artificial copy of the actor’s voice. 

Additionally, re-sounding of old films is possible. Artificial intelligence can complete these tasks easily since copies of voices are becoming increasingly realistic. 

However, the advancement of this technology is not without risks. Intruders could fake the voices of politicians, company executives, or famous actors. Hopefully, a program capable of detecting deepfake audio recordings will be developed as well to ensure the technology cannot be used illegally.