ChatGPT updates: how GPT-4 is different from GPT-3.5

ChatGPT updates: how GPT-4 is different from GPT-3.5

April 06, 2023

Startup OpenAI has continued to lead the way in large language processing AI with the launch of ChatGPT-4, an advanced version of its famous large language model that powers the ChatGPT AI chatbot and other applications. Like its predecessor, ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4 can do more, adding to the great experience its users get. ChatGPT-4 is trained with more accurate facts and has new features, which are listed below.

ChatGPT-4 can see and understand images: this is one of the biggest updates and capabilities built into the new chatbot, making it different from its predecessor. ChatGPT-4 is multimodal, meaning it can understand different types of information. It can generate text and accept image and text input. Although it can't generate media from text, it can accept and describe visual input, including images, graphics, maps and screenshots.

ChatGPT-4 is more secure: OpenAI has confirmed that GPT-4 has been trained with various commands, including malicious ones, to enable it to recognise and disregard commands that force it to produce malicious code. The model's tendency to respond to illegal commands was reduced by 82%, and its response to sensitive commands, which follow OpenAI programming guidelines, was reduced by 29%.

ChatGPT-4 is reliable and more creative: Unlike GPT-3.S, OpenAI trained GPT-4 with more defined and accurate information, reducing the spread of false information and inaccuracies by AI-powered chatbots.

ChatGPT-4 is more multilingual: its language processing AI has shown great accuracy in answering thousands of multiple-choice questions in 26 languages. After comparing the two chatbots in multilingual processing, OpenAI said, "In 24 out of 26 languages tested, GPT-4 outperformed the English language performance of GPT-3.5 and other LLMs (Chinchilla, paLM), including low-resource languages such as Lativian, Welsh and Swahili”.

ChatGPT-4 can perform multiple tasks: The language processing AI has an increased capacity to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It could streamline and speed up processes for businesses and organisations that rely on AI technology.

GPT-4 has already been integrated into products from several companies, including Duolingo, Stripe and Khan Academy. Microsoft has also integrated it into its Bing chatbot. The new AI model is available to the public through ChatGPT Plus, after subscribing to the service for a monthly fee of $20. OpenAI has announced a waiting list for developers to access the GPT-4 service through its API.