Delivery Robot Called “Mighty” Will Soon Be in Tokyo

Delivery Robot Called “Mighty” Will Soon Be in Tokyo

January 11, 2022

The Mighty courier robot developed by “Piezo Sonic” won the Innovation Award at CES 2022. The machine has a universal chassis, so it can efficiently move on a flat surface and overcome obstacles.

The robot is equipped with four independently driven wheels that can rotate through an angle of up to 90° so that the robot can quickly change its trajectory. The wheels can also form a circular configuration, allowing the vehicle to turn in place.

For navigation Mighty uses GPS, cameras, and lidar, avoiding collisions with obstacles and people. With a dead weight of 25 kg, the robot can carry up to 20 kg of payload, step over objects up to 15 cm high, climb slopes with an inclination angle of up to 15° and accelerate to 10 km/h. A full charge of the battery lasts for 4 hours of autonomous work.

The developers claim that Mighty can be used to deliver goods, patrol territories, and even help farmers in the field. Mighty robots will soon be operational in Tokyo's Ota Special District.