Emoji as a Way of Communication Between Car Drivers

Emoji as a Way of Communication Between Car Drivers

January 27, 2022

The world's first car emoji smart device has been created. Ilya Pashko, who lives in Los Angeles (USA), successfully launched a crowdfunding project for his unusual idea. This is the world’s first smart device for a car that can convey the emotions of the driver, using emoji.

“Mojipic” is an interactive accessory display for car owners. It helps drivers "communicate" with each other using emoticons, or express emotions intended for pedestrians.

The device is a pixel color display that can be mounted on glass. The gadget itself connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology. The app’s database contains more than 1500 animated emoticons and images, all of which can be displayed on the Mojipic screen on command from a smartphone. In addition, in the app, you can draw and display your own images on an external screen.

There is no doubt that this device will find fans, taking into account the crowdfunding aspect. This technology may help drivers to keep a positive mood and focus more on driving.