Google launching tools to identify misleading and AI images

Google launching tools to identify misleading and AI images

May 25, 2023

The ownership of artworks or images online is a growing concern in the new age of AI-enhanced image creation. Tech companies are working towards mitigating this issue, and Google just announced two new features in its image search tailored toward the course.

The first feature is called: “About this image”, capable of dictating when an image or similar ones were first indexed by Google, where they first appeared and where else they’ve shown up online. This feature will help users pinpoint the original source while also contextualising an image with any debunking evidence that might be provided by news organisations.

The second feature Google announced will mark every AI-generated image created by its tools. Google is working with other platforms and services to make sure they add the same markup to the files they put out. Publishers like Midjourney and Shutterstock are on the same page with Google, working towards the same goal to ensure that all AI content that appears in search results is marked.

AI image creation tools have made the creation of photorealistic fakes trivial, thus the reason for Google's campaign. Truepic, a Microsoft-backed IT company, offers similar services to make sure that the image has not been manipulated from the moment it is taken until it is received.

The features will be made available by Google anytime soon this year and are comparatively lower-tech. However, they may have a bigger positive impact if the move gets sufficient industry support.