Revolutionizing the Tattoo Industry: What Are Nano Tattoos?

Revolutionizing the Tattoo Industry: What Are Nano Tattoos?

July 25, 2021

Despite the fact that the history of tattoos goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years, technology does not stand still, and tattooing is no exception. 

Any tattoo equipment supplier will show off an array of innovative products—particularly the wireless tattoo machines recently released by the American company, FreeWire. 

But even these wireless machines are not the most impressive development; the new nano tattoos also invented by the Americans could revolutionize the tattoo industry. Nano or electronic tattoos can change their appearance depending on the wishes of the wearer. These tattoos can even be animated.

The technology itself is still quite complicated and expensive. Special nano-matrices that can connect to a computer, smartphone, or any electronic gadget using Bluetooth, are inserted under the skin. With the help of special software, an image is fed to the matrix, which is then projected through the skin. 

The result is certainly beautiful and impressive. However, there is still no way to truly judge the effectiveness of this method. So far, Design Probe has yet to provide further information on the project except for a press release on their website and a video on YouTube.  

However, another group of American researchers is also seriously investigating whether the introduction of "medical" tattoos could benefit patients who have diabetes.For instance, using traditional methods, a simple tattoo would be applied in a prominent place such as on the wrist. The only difference would be the use of a special nano-ink which is usually invisible. 

The tattoo will only appear if the person's blood sugar level rises, thus, signaling that the patient urgently requires an insulin injection. Although the technology is currently well tested on animals, there is no information regarding its use in humans. Let's hope that future experiments will be successful because such a simple method could save dozens of lives.