Scientists Develop Technology to Detect Lies via Facial Movements

Scientists Develop Technology to Detect Lies via Facial Movements

November 25, 2021

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have invented highly sensitive electrodes that can measure very subtle facial movements. The data is then transmitted to a new artificial intelligence technology trained to read and recognize facial expressions.

Forty people volunteered to take part in an experiment to test the accuracy of the technology. 

During the study, two people connected to electrodes sat opposite each other. One person was instructed to wear headphones and repeat what they heard. They could either repeat the audio truthfully or lie. The participant opposite then had to guess whether their partner was lying. 

Researchers recorded how muscles near the participants’ cheeks and eyebrows reacted when they listened to the audio and responded. They also noticed that there was seemingly no connection between how long a participant thought about their answer and whether they decided to lie. 

The system was successfully able to tell if somebody was lying with 73% accuracy. The team claims that their technology can read changes in facial expressions that people don’t notice. 

In the future, scientists plan to teach artificial intelligence to analyze facial movements via video software rather than electrodes. Moreover, the team hopes that their technology could become an alternative to a polygraph by expanding the system’s functionality to monitor an individual’s heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.