Spectral MD's AI is a revolution in treatment techniques

Spectral MD's AI is a revolution in treatment techniques

February 10, 2023

Spectral MD's Deep View Wound Imaging System is the new cutting-edge AI that uses a non-invasive digital approach to provide a clear image of the body's tissues and blood vessels under the skin, allowing clinicians to have a deep view and insight into the body part without much contact with the patient. The device works by sending multiple wavelengths of light into the body and converting those wavelengths into pixel images that depict the body's internal blood flow and tissue visibility.

The diagnostic tool has an 86% accuracy rate in accessing severe wounds, burns, diabetic ulcers, and peripheral vascular disease, giving clinicians insight into the depth of the wound and the medical approach to take.

Statistics show that physicians achieved only 70% accuracy using clinical judgment or invasive diagnostic tests requiring biopsy. They may have made the wrong decision or administered the wrong treatment to the patient, causing pain and wasting resources.

Spectral MD's Deep View AI machine now offers the best solution for wound management after receiving government funding to enhance the machine's research and development. The machine's ability to differentiate between severe and less severe wounds is a great relief to healthcare workers. They now have a more accurate, healthy approach to wound treatment.