Tech workers are sick of the grind. Some are on the search for low-stress jobs

Tech workers are sick of the grind. Some are on the search for low-stress jobs

June 09, 2023

These past few months of this year have seen hundreds of tech workers from various IT companies posting on social media that they are getting tired of their jobs. The conversations were hosted on Blind, an anonymous job site, and on Reddit, where we see some high-profile tech workers express their willingness to take a lower-paying job in exchange for less stress.

Earlier this week, a Meta worker posted on Blind asking peers if they had any idea of any low-pressure jobs. “I think I am burnt out. I have no motivation left”, - the Meta worker wrote: “I feel like I need a low-pressure job where I am not constantly worried about if what I am doing is enough to avoid PIP.”

The post generated hundreds of responses, as a Snap worker who was a former Meta employee wrote that he felt a lot better leaving Meta culture. “I’m still not quite all the way healed, but I've gone from completely hopeless and ready to give up to at least hopeful and enjoying time with the family again”, - the Snap worker wrote. 

Other tech companies' workers expressed similar anxieties, especially now that most high-profiled custom software development companies are laying off workers who didn’t score high on Performance-improvement plans. Recall that Microsoft had disbanded a key team responsible for “ethical artificial intelligence”, among others laid off. 

Some tech workers suggested that the only way to escape a high-pressure job was to leave the industry entirely.  “No such thing as high pay low-stress job in tech”, - an Amazon worker said in a separate post. The remedy, as one of the commenters suggested, is to consider government work, the auto industry or project management roles.

Hustle culture has always been a big part of the corporate work environment, particularly in Silicon Valley, but the idea of going above and beyond at work appears to be losing its lustre, especially for younger generations. The gold mine is becoming hectic and less appealing, making most tech workers prioritise work-life balance over high pay. Employers have to consider creating a balanced working environment and healthy working relationships to get the best out of their employees. Though most tech companies are embracing AI and automation, thus the reason for cutting staff, humans are still the key factor to manage the emerging technology.