The British Have Found Out How to Light Streets Without Electricity

The British Have Found Out How to Light Streets Without Electricity

June 25, 2021

A unique paint developed by the British Company Nevana Designs could change street lighting around the world. The waterproof coating, called STARPATH, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional street lighting. 

How Does it Work?

The paint is made using natural materials that absorb ultraviolet light during the day, which can then glow at night. STARPATH is currently available in blue, dark blue, and green.   
According to the development team, the coating can glow for approximately ten hours a day. After applying the coating, results will be visible after four hours. Pricing per square meter is determined on an individual project basis and is based on factors such as granule size, surface depth, and the desired level of brightness.

Who Created STARPATH?

Hamish Scott, the owner of Nevana Designs, explained that he wanted to offer an environmental solution that would help the world combat the global climate crisis. 
"My vision was to utilize the Earth's natural resources to help reduce global energy demands and ultimately lower carbon emissions," said Hamish. 

He continued to explain that this new technology could potentially change how we see road markings and also reduce the number of accidents at night in areas where conventional streetlights are not practical or cost-effective.