The first fully automatic AI parking system in Sydney is launched

The first fully automatic AI parking system in Sydney is launched

November 11, 2022

Lödige Industries has completed construction of a fully autonomous parking system. It has several floors and can accommodate more than 300 cars.

By applying efficient space utilization technologies, the parking system is less than 15 meters underground, saving the company money and preserving the ground for nearby trees.

Lödige Industries’ automated parking system has a capacity of up to 2.5 tons, allowing it to service all popular passenger cars. The customer only needs to drive his car into one of the booths to begin parking. As soon as the user leaves the stall, all the next steps are done by AI, where robots analyze which spot is better to move the car depending on its parameters.

Using the same parking area, compared to conventional ones, it is possible to store 60% more cars. Considering the constant growth in real estate prices, developing and investing in such systems is very attractive for developers, but also saves money and time for consumers.

Lödige Industries monitors and controls the process of putting a car in storage. The system can store up to 90 cars per hour and has a return time of up to 2 minutes. In addition to saving space and time for users, the automatic parking system has a nice modern design that pleases its visitors.

AI systems can help mankind to facilitate everyday tasks and automate production. It can also help reach a new stage in the evolution of humanity.