The first robot that can touch the world has been created

The first robot that can touch the world has been created

July 22, 2022

Scientists report the creation of a robot with self-learning and analysis of the outside world. Artificial Intelligence has reached a high level of analysis of what is going on around it, which means a big increase for the whole branch of artificial intelligence.


To obtain this result, the developers surrounded the robot with several cameras and gave the access to monitor its own movements for several hours. At the end of the procedure, the neural network was able to accurately determine where the arm would be when the robot moved it. The script performs comparisons of the object's shape and movement that match the path of the manipulator.

This experiment allowed, in the field of Artificial Intelligence, to create and reproduce a robot model of the world and associate itself with a living being," reports scientist Hod Lipson.

According to the 4k-soft team, - "For a robot to be fully self-aware, it will take several more decades." Other companies highlight skepticism about working on the technology

We are working on the development of technology, including the development of artificial intelligence. However, we hope that in the future there will not be a "Skynet" era when robots will surpass the human in development.