The role of AI as an everyday life assistant

The role of AI as an everyday life assistant

May 17, 2023

AI technology has become an integral part of humans' daily activities, enhancing everything from consumer technology to healthcare, automation, finance, and banking. AI has provided many benefits and improved our lives by streamlining processes irrespective of their flaws.

Concerning consumer technology:

1. AI application tools like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant has become smart virtual assistant, aiding in answering our questions, playing music or podcasts, setting reminders for appointments, and making phone calls or sending texts
2. AI-powered chatbots now answer customer queries and assist customers with online shopping. It can offer relevant suggestions and solutions, enhancing the customer experience and reducing the burden on customer service representatives
3. AI now personalise the online shopping experience by aiding e-commerce stores to track customer behaviour and preference to offer recommendations based on their purchasing prowess and choice.

Concerning the healthcare sector:

1. AI-powered systems can analyse patient data to suggest personalised treatment plans, plus its algorithms can analyse medical images to detect diseases in their earlier forms
2. AI can assist in drug discovery and predict the efficacy and toxicity of potential drugs. It can analyse the genetic data to identify targets for drug development, reducing trial and error and speeding drug production
3. AI-powered telemedicine and virtual health service can assist patients remotely, providing virtual health assessment and booking an appointment with a doctor if necessary.

In the manufacturing industries, AI-powered robots are performing the most tedious manufacturing tasks and likewise, use their algorithm to predict the right time for machine maintenance.

Similarly, in the finance and banking sector:

1. AI-powered credit scoring can analyse loan applicants’ financial information and provide a credit score, allowing the financial institution to make informed lending decisions and raise loan approval rates
2. AI can now aid institutions or investment management firms in analysing market trends, reducing the risk of loss and improving their investment outcomes
3. AI-powered fraud detection software plays a great role in analysing large amounts of financial data and detecting a potential fraud case, thereby reducing the risk of fraud and allowing financial institutions to respond quickly to potential threats.

Entertainment apps, security apps, navigation apps, and gaming apps are now enhanced with AI, providing assistance and giving users a wholesome experience.