What the non-technical entrepreneur needs to know about tech

What the non-technical entrepreneur needs to know about tech

April 09, 2024

Are you a non-technical entrepreneur looking to navigate the tech world with confidence? Do you want to understand the essential concepts that will empower you to make informed decisions for your startup? If so, this article tailored to non-technical entrepreneurs is just what you need.

Empowering non-technical entrepreneurs

As a non-technical entrepreneur, your business-driven vision is your superpower. You don't need to be a tech expert, but understanding fundamental tech concepts is crucial because many tech decisions are ultimately business decisions. In this article, we'll equip you with the knowledge to engage in meaningful discussions with potential tech partners and make educated tech-related business decisions.

The Power of Learning Basics

Before diving into technical jargon, let's address a common dilemma faced by non-technical entrepreneurs when dealing with tech stakeholders. You have the option to admit your lack of understanding (Option A), which may put you at a disadvantage, or pretend to understand (Option B), risking loss of control. However, there's an Option C – 4K-Soft Team approach in teaching you the basics. This empowers you to follow discussions and make informed decisions, bridging the gap between tech and business. 

Mobile vs Web: Choosing your platform

Understanding the difference between mobile and web development is pivotal. While both platforms can achieve similar functionalities, the key distinction lies in user experience (UE). Through responsive web design, you can attain comparable interfaces on both platforms. However, the accessibility and user interaction methods vary – mobile apps are downloaded from app stores, whereas web apps run on browsers via URLs. Your choice between mobile and web development impacts not just the tech but also critical business aspects.

Frontend vs Backend: The Body and Mind of Apps

Frontend and backend are the body and mind of an app, respectively. Frontend handles user interactions and UI, while the backend manages server communication, data storage, and retrieval. This analogy simplifies complex tech concepts, emphasising the interconnectedness of frontend and backend in delivering a seamless user experience.

Essential tech concepts: HTTP, IP, URL & DNS

Delving deeper, understanding HTTP (the internet's foundation), IP addresses (server identification), URLs (readable addresses), and DNS (address matching) enhance your grasp of tech infrastructure. These concepts are fundamental in comprehending how data is transmitted and accessed across the internet.

Database and NoSQL: Structured data management

Databases store organised data, while NoSQL databases offer flexibility and scalability, ideal for startups iterating their products. Knowing the differences between relational and non-relational databases enables strategic decision-making, especially in MVP development stages where database structures evolve rapidly.

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Querying, Authentication & Authorisation: Data handling protocols

Querying involves retrieving data from databases, crucial for user interactions and data retrieval. Authentication and authorisation protocols ensure secure access to data, distinguishing between public and private information. Understanding these protocols is essential for safeguarding user data and maintaining system integrity.

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API: Bridging Frontend and Backend

APIs act as gateways, facilitating communication between frontend and backend systems. They standardise data exchange, allowing diverse frontend interfaces to interact seamlessly with the backend. Embracing APIs empowers startups to scale efficiently and integrate multiple platforms cohesively.


By mastering these basic tech concepts, non-technical entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge in the startup landscape. From choosing the right development platform to securing data and enabling seamless interactions, tech literacy enhances decision-making and fosters productive collaborations with tech partners. 

Embrace the power of understanding tech essentials, and let 4K-Soft walk you around your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and knowledge.