Apple's Vision Pro too expensive for you? An iPhone-based headset may be coming

Apple's Vision Pro too expensive for you? An iPhone-based headset may be coming

July 17, 2023

Apple has recently been granted a patent for a device that could turn future iPhones into virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets. This means that you could use your iPhone as a superb headset for experiencing virtual worlds or overlaying digital information in the real world.

At this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced their fancy new gadget called the Apple Vision Pro. However, with a price tag of $3,499, many people found it too expensive, including Apple's CEO, Tim Cook.

But here's the good news: There are rumours that Apple is also working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro. It might not have all the fancy features like the 3D camera and speakers, but it could still cost around $3,000, which is still quite expensive for many.

So, what does this new patent reveal? It shows that you might be able to put your iPhone or iPad into a special holder that looks like a pair of goggles attached to a headband. And the iPhone would have a way to wirelessly connect with the headband to create a VR experience. In other words, Apple is exploring different ways to make use of your iPhone and iPad.

Now, it's important to remember that having a patent doesn't mean Apple will actually release this product. But it does tell us that Apple is thinking about turning their devices into VR headsets, which is pretty exciting stuff!

The mechanism behind the transformation is yet unknown, but it's a clear sign that Apple’s software developers still remain at the forefront of innovation, giving their customers an immersive experience with their product.