Elon Musk says Twitter (X) will get a new and better AI-based search

Elon Musk says Twitter (X) will get a new and better AI-based search

August 22, 2023

Elon Musk has announced that Twitter (referred to as "X") is preparing to introduce an advanced AI-driven software customisation in search feature, marking a significant departure from the traditional keyword-based approach. This move aims to revolutionise the way users discover relevant content within the realm of tweets.

The visionary entrepreneur shared on the platform that Twitter's initiative "X" is on the verge of integrating a cutting-edge semantic search capability. This innovative advancement transcends the limitations of keyword matching and delves into comprehending the context and intent behind search queries.

Unlike conventional searches that rely solely on keyword matches, semantic search, powered by natural language processing, enables the search engine to uncover contextually relevant content, even when specific keywords are not present. By deciphering the underlying meaning and intention of search terms, the search engine retrieves tweets and information closely aligned with the essence of the query.

Elon Musk revealed that the development of this semantic search upgrade is already in progress after encountering some issues with the Twitter to X transformation in iOS applications and Microsoft Edge. The initial focus is on understanding the context surrounding queries related to recent events and trending topics. Future phases will expand the platform's capacity to grasp nuanced contexts.

In a tweet posted on August 7, 2023, Musk succinctly stated: "We are working on semantic (AI) search. Will show posts of X that match the meaning of your search, not just the text".

Currently, Twitter's "X" heavily relies on keyword matching for its search function, which can limit users seeking comprehensive results. For instance, a search for "Microsoft" would only retrieve tweets explicitly mentioning the word "Microsoft", while other references, such as "the Windows maker", remain overlooked.

Elon Musk's push for semantic search aligns with his overarching strategy to revitalise Twitter after its acquisition. This strategic move is in line with his vision of transforming Twitter into what he calls "X", a versatile "super app" hosting various integrated services.

Furthermore, recent rumours about Twitter's potential expansion into financial services and stock trading have been debunked by Musk, who clarified: "No work is being done on this".

On a related note, a speculated feature allowing premium users to hide their profile verification checkmarks has indeed been implemented on "X". The support page for the platform explains this option, adding another layer of customisation to the evolving landscape of what we now know as "X".