Google Search can now use AI to summarise articles for you

Google Search can now use AI to summarise articles for you

August 25, 2023

In a remarkable stride towards enhancing user convenience, Google has unveiled an ingenious application of AI technology. Under the banner of SGE (Search Generative Experience), Google Search has embraced a transformative functionality that promises to revolutionise the way we engage with online content. This advancement, aptly dubbed SGE While Browsing, empowers users with the ability to swiftly grasp the essence of lengthy articles without the need for exhaustive reading.

Introduced as an extension of the SGE ecosystem, SGE While Browsing encapsulates the epitome of efficiency. By activating this feature, users can effortlessly access succinct summaries of articles by simply tapping the ‘Generate’ button, elegantly positioned at the bottom of their screens. Once triggered, Google Search promptly presents a dedicated tab, carefully curated to encapsulate the crux of the article. A mere touch on a pivotal point propels users into the heart of the content, fostering an immersive learning experience. The utility of this tab doesn't cease there; the ‘Explore on page’ section grants users the privilege of delving deeper, unveiling questions answered by the article and seamlessly navigating to the corresponding sections for an enriched understanding.

Evolving through meticulous refinement coupled with the preview ability, SGE While Browsing echoes Google's commitment to delivering excellence. Currently, the feature thrives in its beta phase, accessible exclusively to those who opt into the Search Labs program — a testament to Google's devotion to user-driven innovation. Although primed for Android and iOS application platforms within the Google app, Chrome on desktops is poised to embrace this revolutionary facet in the imminent days.

It's pivotal to note that SGE While Browsing operates harmoniously with publicly available articles, aligning with the IT company’s ethos of democratising knowledge. Regrettably, this dynamic AI-driven feature remains exclusive to freely accessible content, omitting paywalled articles concealed behind subscription barriers.

Complementing this impressive leap forward, Google has augmented the SGE interface with seamless integration of definitions and diagrams. Hovering over specific terms within the SGE results now triggers a cascade of clarity, with the feature unveiling concise definitions and illustrative diagrams. This augmentation is poised to illuminate hitherto unfamiliar terminology, fostering a more inclusive digital exploration.

Sundar Pichai, the visionary CEO of Alphabet and Google, radiates optimism as he reflects on the remarkable reception SGE has garnered. Describing the user feedback as "very positive", Pichai envisions a future where SGE becomes the quintessential modus operandi of search, seamlessly intertwining AI-enhanced summaries with our quest for knowledge. As we stride forward, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: with the advent of SGE While Browsing, the way we consume and comprehend articles will never be the same.