This new Windows 11 feature is a great addition for PC gamers

This new Windows 11 feature is a great addition for PC gamers

August 14, 2023

Microsoft is currently working on improved controls for Windows 11 users, specifically targeting to create a custom solution for the management of high refresh rate monitors. The latest Windows 11 preview build introduces a feature that automatically adjusts the refresh rate on multiple monitors based on the displayed content.

According to a blog post by Microsoft's Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc, this enhanced refresh rate logic enables different refresh rates on various monitors, depending on the content shown. This feature aims to optimise refresh rate-dependent multitasking scenarios, such as gaming and watching videos simultaneously.

As an example, during a gaming session, Windows can set the primary monitor to the highest refresh rate, while the secondary monitor running Discord can operate at the standard 60Hz. This not only improves power efficiency but also reduces the load on the GPU.

The Verge points out that Nvidia's RTX 30 and RTX 40-series Founders Edition cards, along with certain models from AIB partners, have a zero RPM mode where the GPU cooling fans don't spin when watching a video on a single monitor. However, when adding a secondary display with a high refresh rate, this mode gets disabled, causing the GPU fans to keep spinning.

Additionally, the custom software development company has introduced a new energy-saving feature, particularly useful for Windows 11 devices supporting Dynamic Refresh Rate, like the Surface Pro 9. When the device is in battery saver mode, this feature minimises power consumption by automatically lowering the display refresh rate. Notably, this enhancement applies only to laptops and tablets that support Dynamic Refresh Rate and not high refresh rate-capable monitors.

These new features are expected to be included in a future Windows 11 update, scheduled to be released in the coming months. However, users eager to try them can download the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25915 custom software on their supported devices. Keep in mind that using preview builds involves potential risks and is not recommended for the general public.