Video game characters can react to your speech with Nvidia’s new AI technology

Video game characters can react to your speech with Nvidia’s new AI technology

June 08, 2023

Nvidia Ace for Games is a remarkable AI-enhanced technology providing an exciting glimpse into the future of video games. Nvidia announced this at the famous technology trade show, Computex 2023. The new technology was tested via a video game demonstration which shows the AI technology's ability to create animations and dialogue. This shows yet another prowess of AI in creativity.

The demo video game showed a conversation between a player-controlled protagonist and a ramen shopkeeper. Instead of using a dialogue tree, the player was able to use his voice to speak to the video game character. The ramen shopkeeper was able to respond to the player since it was using generative AI to generate dialogue in real-time rather than using a pre-written script.

Nvidia revealed that AI would be able to animate the character in real-time, creating facial expressions to match the tone and topic of the conversation. Reports from The Verge confirmed Nvidia’s plan to expand the technology prowess to more than one character at a time, potentially making it possible for two different AIs to speak to each other with AI-generated dialogue.

All Nvidia needed to do was create a backstory for the character, so the character knew their identity and occupation, as well as their mission objective to the player. The custom software development company also confirmed that the new technology is still in its infancy and might not be embedded in every game. However, Nvidia Ace for Games is an impressive technology that will guarantee a more immersive experience for game lovers.