Nvidia CEO says he will try to prioritise Japan for AI processors

Nvidia CEO says he will try to prioritise Japan for AI processors

December 11, 2023

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, a custom software development company, pledged an unwavering commitment to bolster Japan's AI technology landscape by prioritising the supply of artificial intelligence processors to the country. Addressing the surge in market demand, Huang assured Japan of Nvidia's dedicated efforts during his visit to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's official residence in Tokyo.

Japan, once a pioneer in semiconductor technology, is sprinting to revitalise its semiconductor infrastructure and accelerate AI technology advancements. Nvidia's graphics processing units (GPUs) have firmly established dominance in the AI market, making the company a pivotal player in this transformative landscape. Check out this recent update from the IT company: Video game characters can react to your speech with Nvidia’s new AI technology.

"Demand is soaring, and I've made a commitment to the prime minister that we will channel our utmost efforts to cater to Japan's GPU requirements", - Huang affirmed, acknowledging the pressing need for these advanced computing units in the country's technological resurgence.

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Huang's visit coincided with Japan's recent allocation of approximately 2 trillion yen ($13.60 billion) in an additional budget earmarked for substantial chip investments. Notably, these funds are anticipated to support collaborations with Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC and the chip foundry endeavour, Rapidus, aiming to produce cutting-edge chips on the northern island of Hokkaido.

"The burgeoning semiconductor industry in Japan is poised to fabricate GPUs", - Huang emphasised, highlighting the pivotal role these developments will play in bolstering Japan's technological prowess.

"Countries like Japan are awakening to the necessity of owning their data, erecting their AI factories, and cultivating indigenous AI intelligence", - Huang elucidated, underlining the global realisation of self-reliance in AI technology production.

Nvidia's commitment to prioritising Japan in AI processor supply signifies a crucial stride in Japan's quest to regain its semiconductor prominence and chart a formidable trajectory in AI custom software technology. As nations recognise the imperative nature of self-sufficiency in technological advancements, collaborations, and focused efforts, as echoed by Nvidia's CEO, are pivotal in steering the global landscape toward a technologically empowered future.